Unknown Surroundings

It’s that time of the week again. Another show has been and gone (soon to be uploaded on mixcloud) and it’s time to share some more music from down the side of the sofa. This time we have decaying piano loops, low end rumble, unidentifiable noises and plenty of hiss and static. 11 tracks of beautifully weird escapism.

Unknown Surroundings 4 will be broadcast on Basic.Fm Tuesday 3rd June.

Here’s the track list:

Black Thread- Leaves Falling iv (Leaves Falling, Turmeric Magnitudes, 2014)

Smut – Nature of the Beast (Vulgar Tongue, Wealth of Abuse, 2013)

Dead End Street Band – III (Black Christmas, Self Released, 2013)

The Zero Map – Halley’s 8 Foot Iron Mural Quadrant (Psychic Glass Dome, Sheepscar Light Industrial, 2014)

Star Turbine – Gravity Delay (Altitude, Sonic Meditation, 2013)

Lost Trail – Montague Summers (Chapter 19, In Which Lost Trail Faces The Year’s End, Jeunesse Cosmique, 2014)

Felss – Small Marks (Lagom, Self Released, 2011)

Tom White – Moredon Cooling Towers (In Poor Visibility, Hibernate, 2010)

The Stranger – We Are Enemies But Not Here (Watching Dead Empires In Decay, Modern Love, 2013)

Andy Stott – Submission (We Stay Together, Modern Love, 2011)

Hoff – To Belong (Hibernate, Handwriting Records, 2012)


Unknown Surroundings

Time flies etc. Seems like the weeks are rushing past as now I have another instalment of Unknown Surroundings for your ears. As always, there’s plenty of weird sounds and heavy drones to keep your brain juices flowing. I must point out, that Jazzfinger track is one of my all time favourite pieces of music. Every time I listen to it I get pulled into a world of decaying beauty. Simply fantastic. Enjoy.

Unknowing Surroundings #3 is being broadcast Tuesday 20th @ 2300 and Saturday 24th @ 1700. Repeated at the same times next week.


Black Thread – Stay (Stay/Vale, Turmeric Magnitudes, 2014)

Jazzfinger – Freedom of Pollen (King Murnam, JK Tapes, 2008)

Torn birch – Blood In (Effigy, VAALD, 2013)

Ben Fleury Steiner – White Embers (The Places That Find You, Low Point, 2011)

Sindre Bjerga – Carved In Glue (Sinking Slowly, Dissolving Quietly, Foxglove, 2005)

Wanda Group – We Do Not Care (Get Involved In My Throat, Umbro G, 2012)

Ryan Huber – Track 3 (Abiff’s Gaze, Self Released, 2014)

Hex – _____ (III, Self Released, 2013)

KNYF – Freeze (KNYF, Dew Crux, 2014)

Unknown Surroundings

Unknown Surroundings episode 2 airing on basic.fm tonight at 1700.

Trans/Human – Whistle (The(UN)Expected, The Audacious Art Experiment, 2014)

Wölfbait – Streets of Fire (A Veil Of Phosphorous Rot, Self Released, 2013)
Synek – Fathom (Paradiba EP, Rano, 2012)
Secret Pyramid – Closer (Movements of Night, Students of Decay, 2013)
Maëror Tri- Part 4 (Hypnotikum II, Poeta Negra/absurd, 1998)
Yellow Swans With John Wiese – Evicted CDR (Portable Dunes, Helicopter, 2009)
Bridget Hayden – Breaking (A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean, (K-RAA-K)³, 2011)
Dhow – Act of Grace (Dhow, Inam Records, 2013)



Unknown Surroundings

It’s been a while but I’m back with good news. Those lovely folk over at basic.fm have been kind enough to grant me air time on their excellent little station. Tune in every Tuesday @ 2300 and every Saturday @ 1700 for all you noise/ambient/abstract sound needs. Often it will be loud, sometimes it will be subdued but I can guarantee that it’ll always be strange, intriguing and mind melting. For me, this will be a chance to look through my music collection and share some gems that I’ve in the past as well as highlighting the bestir in current underground musical output.

The first episode of Unknown Surroundings airs tonight (Tuesday 22nd April) and will feature tracks by Enfer Boreal, A.M/Uton, Skull Mansions, Soon and Tsone.

New episodes will air every fortnight and will be on hour in length. I’ll get back to collecting sounds for the next show. Until then, enjoy the weird.

Unknown Surroundings



As you have probably guessed from a few posts on here, I’m a massive fan of WFMU. I find the station itself an intriguing and vital specimen in the world of music. Not only the way it operates, but also the sheer quality of the its output on a daily basis.

So as you can imagine, I was extremely pleased to hear about plans for a documentary. It’s currently only in the funding period. It needs donations from listeners and fans alike to make the concept a reality. I know I’m going to put some money forward. I’m excited to have a glimpse in a world that has brought so much listening pleasure to my ears.

The Kickstarter page at the time of writing this has $28,025 pledged (the goal is $50,000) with 27 days still remaining. I guess that shows how committed the fans are. I get payed at the end of the month and a chunk of that will be going straight to this. And, as you may be aware, the guys at WFMU are extremely generous so there are ‘prizes’ on offer for various levels of donation.

Do your part, support a station that supports so many other artists and keep music alive.