This is a beautiful record. Not much happens, but that’s why it’s so good. It’s the sort of record you could put on and feel instantly relaxed while listening to it. I feel that it would be perfectly suited to a slow but vivid dream in a sparse wilderness, full of emptiness yet still beautiful.

While never going louder a slight murmur, the real attraction lies in the way the music flows. Never bothering to go in a different direction and never really needing to.  It’s easy to just ignore it. But if you put your mind, and ears, to it you will easily get some pleasure. I have been informed that Tsone is Tony Obr from Phoenix, Arizona. There’s not a lot of information out there, but this ambiguity certainly fits the music.

More of his music in on Bandcamp. It’s well worth a listen.

It’s out now on Dark Era Tapes, a lovely little DIY cassette label putting out ambient/minimalist records. Check them out.


Dirty Beaches, stage name of Alex Zhang Hungtai, is a musician who usually creates raw, spaced out, lo fi garage rock with hints towards bands such as Suicide. It usually holds a very dark and mysterious atmosphere within the music that always leads to an enjoyable listening experience.

Now though, he has released something quite different. Entitled The Hippo OST, these three tracks are a departure from the uncontrolled sounds we are accustomed to and instead adopts a gentler approach. It’s three tracks of very subtle yet very engaging guitar work. The minimalist composition really gives a desperate and sparse feel to it, which I think juts adds to the charm. While some film soundtrack may go for the loud and dynamic approach, this goes down a completely different route and it’s beautiful. I can’t stop listening to it since I first heard it yesterday.