Perspex Flesh LP

May 27, 2014


I guess I arrived pretty late to the party on these guys. I first heard the name Perspex Flesh after missing them play in Newcastle earlier this year, soon to discover the joys of past releases and also news of an imminent debut album. Alas, the album was long delayed. Plenty of people were questioning if and when it was going to be released. Delays and speculation aside, it finally came out and I pre ordered my copy for it to soon be handed to me by a man in a red jacket. Straight out of the box, straight on the record player and instantly it’s heavy beauty washed over me. Hailed as being pretty much the best thing going in the current UK hardcore punk ‘scene’ it’s easy to understand why. The whole record is a huge, juicy punch in the face. The kind that you really crave. Something refreshing, a sort of anger ridden cathartic experience. Super muscular riffs are hidden among a dirty, gritty sheen where snarled vocals shine through. There’s an energy and passion that seems can seem lost or subdued in some people, but it’s prominent here. It’s a quick journey (only 26 minutes) but who wants a 2 hour long hardcore record. Quick and sufficient, it’s done at a perfect blink and you’ll miss it pace.  That being said, you’ll be playing it on repeat anyway.

The album is out now via Static Shock Records. You can download it for free (although a suggested donation of £4.00 is encouraged) but I urge you to get the LP before it sells out and you’re left disappointed. Act with haste.



More superbly heavy hardcore has landed in my lap and I’m happy for it. New split 7″ on SuperFi records with both Sky:Lark! and Meadows bringing the riffs. Sky:Lark! start proceedings with a fast, heavy racket that sits right in the grey territory between post hardcore, hardcore and a bunch of other similar genres. Classifications aside, I’m more than happy to let this blast in my ears and block out any and all feelings of calm. It has just the right amount of neck breaking, muscular guitar abuse and vocalised anger to feel utterly cathartic. Meadows side starts off in a similar vein but soon grinds to a slower, heavier pace. They are channelling stoner rock straight into your brain. There’s a perfect balance between slow, heavy guitars and a super fast crunch. It just changes all of a sudden. One minute we’re listening to some intense hardcore and the next it’s slow motion head nodding while having the hair blown off your face by an intense blast of air from the speakers in front of you. Makes me want to hunt out those old Karp records. The split is out now on SuperFi records and you can hear the full things on band camp. If you like your music loud and unadulterated then you need this in your life.

More info over at SuperFi.


The Audacious Art experiment are releasing some absolutely essential music as of late. Every release they bring to the table seems to be exactly to my taste. This one is an upcoming split cassette release between Amorous Dialogues and Pjaro.

Amorous Dialogues fly through eight highly energetic, make you want to be there slices of hardcore gold. As you’d expect, it’s fast and shouty. At times there’s a slower, more sedate opening to a song which just feels like a chance for the band to grab a breath before they throw themselves back into the speed dirge which they’re known for. Eight songs in just as many minutes. Blink and you might miss it. Seriously can’t get enough of this band. I loved their previous split with Etai Keshiki and this just adds to that visceral, hardcore punk vibe that feels so fresh and intense.

On the other side we have a different story. Pjaro offer us two slightly less intense yet still as inviting tracks. A perfect example of alternative/math rock done right. It’s not overly complicated and it’s not pretentious but it sounds fantastic. Guitars aren’t overcooked so still have that slight bite and vocals have that ‘i don’t care, but secretly I do’ atmosphere to them. Not a step wrong. Apparently the last two songs recorded as a two piece as now they’re three. I’m treating this release as a sort of sweetener before their new album that they’re currently recording. Yep, my mouth is watering, now I just want you to stuff it with more beautifully crunchy guitar and raspy vocals.

The split cassette is due out on 1st May via The Audacious Art Experiment. I know i’ll be getting myself a copy. For now though, you can listen to both sides through the wonders of the world wide web.

RIP Divorce

August 25, 2013

Divorce 02 (photocredit - Stella Wan)

Divorce have been making brutal noise rock for the past five years and have now decided to call it a day. Very sad, I know. But they had a great run. After a slew of 7″s, a couple of EP’s and last years debut album, they’ve got one final release to shove in our faces before they make their sad departure.

Seance Fiction is up for free download on their bandcamp page and is the product of recording made earlier this year. I’m assuming you’ve heard the band before and you know what to expect. Five tracks of heavy, frightening noise to bludgeon your ear holes with. Even though I’m gutted they won’t be with us anymore, the’ve left us with a TON of music to remember them by.

Maybe the four of them will start new bands/continue making music. Here’s to hoping.

Tide Of Iron – Sow EP

April 7, 2012

I’ve just been made aware that Tide of Iron have their ‘Sow’ EP up for free download on Bandcamp. You’ve heard of them before, right? Apparently they’re best mates will Bill Cosby.

It’s pretty brutal. Really thick, heavy riffs consume this noisy master piece. Seriously, these are some of the heaviest, most unforgiving noises you’re likely to hear coming out of Newcastle. I don’t know whether it’s hardcore or if it’s noise rock and to be honest I’m not really bothered. I don’t want to give it a classification or a label because to be honest it would be brilliant no matter what it was classed as. Sort of reminds me of a raw, more coarse version of Unsane. Turn it up loud!

They also have a new split 7″ with Grace coming out on SuperFi Records

It’s also heavy as fuck, even more callous than the first.