It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. Don’t be fooled by my absence, I’m still digging away trying to devour as much musical output from the dark depths of sound as humanly possible. Most of my time has been concentrating on my fortnightly radio show on Basic.Fm: Unknown Surroundings. It feels like a fresh way for me to share the sounds that I’ve amassed and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Other than that, I’m starting a tape label. First few tapes are in the pipeline and should arrive soon(isn). Check it out: Invisible City Record.


Back to reviewing things for now though. This landed in my inbox a few days ago and is something I’ve been waiting an age to hear. Massive delays at pressing plants, rejected test presses and it’s finally almost ready to go. A new Haikai No Ku LP on Box Records and what a gem it is.

The northeast has a very strong, highly creative musical output and within that lies a close knit community pushing the boundaries of sound. Mooch around certain categories (Noise, Doom, Drone etc.) and certain names are bound to keep popping up. On of those will be Mike Vest as he’s played in pretty much every NE underground band worth mentioning. In Haikai No Ku he’s joined by Jerome Smith (Charles Dexter Ward) and Sam Booth (Foot Hair). There you have some pretty hefty credentials to get the ball rolling. Thankfully, it lives up to the hype i’ve attributed to it. Ultra High Dimensionality is a sparse wasteland of slow burning, primitive rhythm and maximalist guitar worship. All levels are pushed right to the top. Fuzz is turned up high and there’s a heavy handed helping of wah abuse. This all leads to a heady concoction of psychedelic noise. 40 minutes of pure, unadulterated sound that acts as the perfect way to switch off and get lost. File alongside Les Rallizes Dénudés and Mainliner. Definitely one for those who are partial to excessive feedback and traditional styles pushed beyond any conceivable recognition. Highly recommended.

Ultra High Dimensionality is up for pre order via Box Records now.
300 copies on vinyl & digital download. Due for release on 20/08/2014.

Hear a track form the album now if you need more convincing.


A new release from Newcastle based psychedelic outfit Haikai No Ku has caught my attention recently. Yet another outing from the busiest man in Newcastle; Mike Vest, this time with the help of Jerome Smith and Sam Booth.

It’s typically experimental and has that standard ‘underground’ feel, whatever that means. Extremely lo fi recording techniques are present throughout, as you would expect, but that’s probably why I like it so much. I always try to get myself involved with what’s going on in the world of DIY music, especially in Newcastle, but there is just so much I find it difficult to keep on top of it all. This is a gem though. The release is made up of three tracks, all with a very psychedelic outlook and a very spatial feel. The overloaded, feedback laden guitar guides us along a lengthy but ultimately enjoyable journey through sound. I could sit and listen to it for hours on end trying to pick apart every little noise or every single guitar part but instead I think you should judge it for yourself.

It’s been released as a CDr on Fuckin’ Amateurs who, in the past, have put out stuff by Bong & Jazzfinger.

More details here.