After a long hiatus, Dew Crux came back with two new tapes so obviously I was giddy with excitement. They’ve put out some great releases in the past (Skull Mansions and C.S.B tapes, among others) so I was eager to hear what new sounds they’d offer me. Culver I knew, but KNYF is a new one to me. Turns out they’re both fantastic.



Culver – Sugar Fall
Culver gives us two slabs of low end rumble and void exploration. Those who’ve encountered this legend of the UK noise/drone underground before will know what to expect. Those who haven’t, you’re in for a treat (maybe you’ll see it that way). One side is pure low end rumble. Barley recognisable as anything other than melted down grey landscape. Super minimal. On the flip side there’s a little more movement and a different feel altogether. Opening up with soft, gentle loops that slowly get overcome by a heavy wave of hiss and static. These sounds still appear as faint whispers hidden behind a wall of rich, murky sludge. Heavy as hell and wondrous on the ears.




The next tape is a debut release of KNYF which is Thomas O’Hopkin of Newcastle noise punks Foot Hair. Here’s another exploration of the dark recess of sounds and decay. Wrecked loops, burnt out guitars lines and massive waves of dark fuzz. Let the sharp noise pass through you and you are overcome by a calming sense of solitude. The slow repetition of hidden sounds feels like a true comfort, a real chance to cut of from everything. The tape is a mix between persistent static mess and the laid back rumblings of lost sounds. A fantastic debut release and a project of which I’m eager to hear more from.

Both tapes out now on Dew Crux. I suggested buying both tapes and as much of the back catalogue as possible as it’s all excellent.