The Audacious Art experiment are releasing some absolutely essential music as of late. Every release they bring to the table seems to be exactly to my taste. This one is an upcoming split cassette release between Amorous Dialogues and Pjaro.

Amorous Dialogues fly through eight highly energetic, make you want to be there slices of hardcore gold. As you’d expect, it’s fast and shouty. At times there’s a slower, more sedate opening to a song which just feels like a chance for the band to grab a breath before they throw themselves back into the speed dirge which they’re known for. Eight songs in just as many minutes. Blink and you might miss it. Seriously can’t get enough of this band. I loved their previous split with Etai Keshiki and this just adds to that visceral, hardcore punk vibe that feels so fresh and intense.

On the other side we have a different story. Pjaro offer us two slightly less intense yet still as inviting tracks. A perfect example of alternative/math rock done right. It’s not overly complicated and it’s not pretentious but it sounds fantastic. Guitars aren’t overcooked so still have that slight bite and vocals have that ‘i don’t care, but secretly I do’ atmosphere to them. Not a step wrong. Apparently the last two songs recorded as a two piece as now they’re three. I’m treating this release as a sort of sweetener before their new album that they’re currently recording. Yep, my mouth is watering, now I just want you to stuff it with more beautifully crunchy guitar and raspy vocals.

The split cassette is due out on 1st May via The Audacious Art Experiment. I know i’ll be getting myself a copy. For now though, you can listen to both sides through the wonders of the world wide web.



I’ve mentioned Jazzfinger a few times on here before. They’ve been around forever and while I obviously haven’t had the chance to consume their entire discography, I have experienced a (limited) selection of it. To be fair, it’s hard to keep up with. They somehow manage to have a constant stream of releases on experimental cassette labels. Is it just me, or do they just record and release everything they do?

One such release that has sprung to my attention is ‘Titan Granolith’. A double cassette this time, meaning plenty of strange Jazzfinger goodness. With experimental drone bands like this, it’s always hard to actually determine what you like or, should I say, what you can handle. Sometimes they’ll come out with something so ridiculously harsh and callous it’s actually a chore to listen to it. On this release though, it’s quite the opposite though.

Side A of the release is up for streaming and, to my relief, its the softer, more drone focussed side of the band. A rather lengthy affair clocking in at over 3 hours worth of music! As I write, i’m listening to the stream in the early hours of the morning with big headphones on and its great. It’s very passive. I can sit here and have the music accompany my thoughts, not really being too intrusive. Then again, at times it can catch you off guard and surprise you with some strange, almost eerie noises. One of the best things I’ve heard from Jazzfinger. I’m juts looking forward to hearing the second half of the tape.

It’s due out August 5th on Blackest Rainbow, but for now just let the stream of Side A lull you into a false sense of relaxation.

Jazzfinger Facebook Group

Base Ventura EP

July 31, 2012

Despite the awful pun, Base Ventura actually make some fairly promising music.

Fuzzed out psychedelic sounds reminiscent of 60’s garage rock, but with a little more WAH! This five track EP is, hopefully, just the start. It brings images of being transported back to an earlier age, dancing in a smoky, sweaty club after having taken numerous intoxicants where Base Ventura would be playing. There’s some similarities to fellow psych rockers Hookworms, but Base Ventura seem to do it in a more relaxed, gritty way. For that, I think I prefer it.

It’s being released on cassette via Manchester based label Twisted Tape on 6th August. I strongly recommend snapping up a copy before they all go and it becomes one of those long lost, highly sought after recordings you here about in legends.



Check out the video for 1:52

Base Ventura Tumblr

Remember that Slowcoaches tape that made its way onto the internet not so long ago. Well, it was great. I still have it playing on repeat. It’s deliciously fuzzy pop punk of the highest merit. that’s why I love it so much. It’s no nonsense, unadulterated fun.

The first run of 100 tapes sold out almost instantly. Luckily though, tape label Tye Die Tapes has done a second run of just 50. So, if you know what’s good for you I suggest snapping one up quickly before they’re gone forever. Order it over at their Bandcamp page.

Just buy it, stick it in your dusty old walkman and have fun.


Tye Die Tapes

I saw Jazzfinger a little while ago supporting Vibracathedral Orchestra’s Bridget Hayden at the Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle. They absolutely blew my mind. It was 40 or so minutes of beautifully hypnotic drone.

I’ve been a fan of Jazzfinger for a while and have always been strangely fascinated by the simplistic and enigmatic sounds they create. Definitely one of the finer specimens of music from the North East.  They have a vast back catalogue and I feel that I haven’t even scratched the surface of it, which is something I would quite like to change. I’ve been searching through lists of their releases and noticed they’ve got a new cassette out.

It’s super rare (50 copies), it’s called Random Dimensions and as far as I’m aware it’s being put out on Portuguese label FRONTERA SOUND. That’s about all the details I could find.

I also managed stumble across one of the tracks on soundcloud after a few unsuccessful Google searches. It seems a bit more stripped back than some of their more ethereal recordings, but I’m a fan nonetheless. I just have my fingers crossed I can get my hands on a copy of this tape.

b-cátt & spook

February 21, 2012

Finally had a chance to listen to the new sounds from b-cátt & spook. I don’t know where to start describing this. Is it experimental, drone, avant garde, all of the above?

Whatever it is, it’s brilliant. I know things shouldn’t really be lumped into genres, but I can’t help but categorise things. It’s something a bit different. Something a bit more creative but probably needs an acquired taste to appreciate it. Thankfully though, it’s exactly to my taste. It’s full of intriguing noises and part its charm is trying to identify exactly where they come from. Strange electronics are present throughout, accompanied by the unique wail of prepared guitar.  Something truly  inventive and ‘different’.

The cassette is out now on Ultra Friends Records. Grab yourself a copy and have a listen.