Unknown Surroundings

Unknown Surroundings episode 2 airing on basic.fm tonight at 1700.

Trans/Human – Whistle (The(UN)Expected, The Audacious Art Experiment, 2014)

Wölfbait – Streets of Fire (A Veil Of Phosphorous Rot, Self Released, 2013)
Synek – Fathom (Paradiba EP, Rano, 2012)
Secret Pyramid – Closer (Movements of Night, Students of Decay, 2013)
Maëror Tri- Part 4 (Hypnotikum II, Poeta Negra/absurd, 1998)
Yellow Swans With John Wiese – Evicted CDR (Portable Dunes, Helicopter, 2009)
Bridget Hayden – Breaking (A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean, (K-RAA-K)³, 2011)
Dhow – Act of Grace (Dhow, Inam Records, 2013)




Unknown Surroundings

It’s been a while but I’m back with good news. Those lovely folk over at basic.fm have been kind enough to grant me air time on their excellent little station. Tune in every Tuesday @ 2300 and every Saturday @ 1700 for all you noise/ambient/abstract sound needs. Often it will be loud, sometimes it will be subdued but I can guarantee that it’ll always be strange, intriguing and mind melting. For me, this will be a chance to look through my music collection and share some gems that I’ve in the past as well as highlighting the bestir in current underground musical output.

The first episode of Unknown Surroundings airs tonight (Tuesday 22nd April) and will feature tracks by Enfer Boreal, A.M/Uton, Skull Mansions, Soon and Tsone.

New episodes will air every fortnight and will be on hour in length. I’ll get back to collecting sounds for the next show. Until then, enjoy the weird.

Unknown Surroundings



Dhow – S/T

January 17, 2014


No idea where this came from. Can’t remember how I stumbled across it, but it sounds incredible. Rich, dense drones covering gentle guitars and heavy, industrial drums. A placid wave of noise flows over the entire record, bringing itself to the forefront whilst still letting other elements seep through. Behind the hiss, there’s some beautifully delicate and repetitive guitar lines mangled in with slow, pulsating drum beats. Sometimes you can hear them surfacing, trying to squeeze through the overwhelming drones, then they disappear again, sunken below the surface. A serene, ambient exterior starts off but then begins to develop and disintegrate into a harsher, more tense feeling as the songs progress. Stark, black and white images spring to mind. Brutalist buildings of the sixties feel somewhat similar as they’re beautiful in their own right but still manage to have a hardened exterior that people tend to feel uncomfortable around. There’s something I find so reassuring and relaxing about it all. Let the noise seep into your brain, let it play out loud while you romanticise straight lined buildings and harsh, concrete exteriors.

Out now on Inam Records.

I’ve been working on some electroacoustic composition and other ‘art’ under the name Youth and Experience.

One of the pieces I’ve worked on recently entitled ‘I am sitting in a photobooth’ is being aired on basic.fm throughout April.
It will be broadcast each Monday and Wednesday at 1210 GMT, and on Thursdays at 1940 GMT throughout April.

Tune in.

Skull Mansions

April 25, 2012

Skull Mansions are Stephen Bishop and Mike Vest, whose names are also credited with the work of Drunk in Hell and Bong.

While their other work may be heavier and more primal, they seem to be presenting an alter ego with Skull Mansions. Actually, make that a split personality. While it’s a lot slower and more laid back, it still has that dark, brooding feel to it. Long, drawn out drones intertwine with abstract guitar work, creating a thick,  dense atmosphere which is so easy to get lost in. I think it’s the sparse instrumentation that really gives the unique texture and feel to these recordings.  I seem to be increasingly interested in this type of music at the minute and Skull Mansions create it perfectly. It’s beautifully dark and almost relaxing at times. Perfect listening for those late, sleepless nights full of strange thoughts and contemplation.

Apparently it’s going to be put out on cassette in the near future thanks to Dew Crux. I’ve got a feeling it’ll sound even better on cassette.

ZNS Tapes

April 20, 2012

ZNS tapes was a German born cassette label running from 1987-1993. It released a very limited run of cassettes from numerous different artists. There was a range of different styles and sounds on here from soft, gentle ambient music to the more rough and coarse electronic sounds. There’s a wealth of music on here. We have full tapes from individual artists such as Suicide Commando, Maeror Tri and MØHR as well as split tapes and compilation tapes. While the range of styles in the music is vast, there is still a definite ‘feel’ to the whole label and that itself is something to get excited about.

Always being released on a limited run, these tapes are very rare and difficult to get hold of. Luckily though, they’re all online for free. I only just discovered this today after searching for some earlier Maeror Tri releases (of which one was on this label). It’s full of obscure gems and has been a really great discovery. It’s something I think I’ll get engrossed in.

Check it out and enjoy the world of underground cassettes