Unknown Surroundings on Basic.Fm

April 22, 2014

Unknown Surroundings

It’s been a while but I’m back with good news. Those lovely folk over at basic.fm have been kind enough to grant me air time on their excellent little station. Tune in every Tuesday @ 2300 and every Saturday @ 1700 for all you noise/ambient/abstract sound needs. Often it will be loud, sometimes it will be subdued but I can guarantee that it’ll always be strange, intriguing and mind melting. For me, this will be a chance to look through my music collection and share some gems that I’ve in the past as well as highlighting the bestir in current underground musical output.

The first episode of Unknown Surroundings airs tonight (Tuesday 22nd April) and will feature tracks by Enfer Boreal, A.M/Uton, Skull Mansions, Soon and Tsone.

New episodes will air every fortnight and will be on hour in length. I’ll get back to collecting sounds for the next show. Until then, enjoy the weird.

Unknown Surroundings




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