Mononoké-Tom Finigan EP

April 2, 2014

Mononoke cover

Sometimes it’s nice to revisit the past. To hear those sounds that have such a vivid association with certain points in your life and take you back to that atmosphere. It’s as much about the music as it is about how it made you feel. After giving the instrumental post hardcore genre some distance, Mononoké have allowed me to go back to it with fresh ears. It’s like rediscovering music all over again.

This EP recalls the instrumental post hardcore/math rock sound that the likes of Don Cabbalero championed. Jittery guitar notes, complex, off kilter drum beats and powerful, crunchy riffs are your points of reference here. Yes, it’s derivative and yes, we’ve heard this done quite a lot before, but I’m struggling to remember a band in recent years that has done it quite so well as to feel completely fresh. Razor sharp music all the way through. Hats off to the band here though. A sound that has a multi textural composition has the risk of feeling encumbered, but Mononoké manage to play this to their advantage as it feels almost breezy while still having such depth to the music. I’d like to listen to it again and again. I want to see these play live in the smallest possible setting at the high possible volume. I’d urge you to do the same.

Tom Finigan EP is out on 21st April 2014 as a CD & download, self released by the band.
Check out a trailer for the EP below.




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