March 14, 2014


Seems like there’s quite a few new bands popping up around Newcastle. This one, not surprisingly, features Mike Vest who is in around 90% of underground bands in the city. Alongside him are Matt Baty and John-Michael Hedley who you’ll have probably seen in the likes of Khuunt, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs or Spokes. Take parts of each of those bands, put them through a mincer and the mess you have on the other side somewhat resembles the music you hear now.

Strong but mellow bass lines paired with cymbal heavy drums keep the whole thing together. A central line for everything else to hook onto, making sure that the music doesn’t descend into self indulgent amp worship. That being said, the guitars here are drugged out, hazy waves of distortion, feedback and wah that feel like a bottomless hole. Dark, damp basements, blurred lights, spinning heads, massive amounts of psychedelics. It’s all a beautiful subterranean melting pot of delicious liquid noise. They’ve only been a band for a short while but already have two EP’s out. That’s a pretty impressive feat, especially since there’s so much substance to them. Go on, take a ling, hard look into the sinkhole that is your life and rejoice in the hazy bliss.


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