Trans/Human – The (UN)Expected

March 5, 2014


It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised by a piece of music, even more so if it inspires you. The new release from Trans/Human is such a piece. It’s been on heavy repeat since I first caught wind of it and I’ve been trying to dissect it and learn from the noisy glory.

At first you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re listening to something else. A stray radio broadcast of old country americana starts off the first track amidst a wave of static hiss. This hiss soon takes over and stays with us for the duration. Dings and chimes, tapes and fuzz all interweave into this strange melting pot of aural goodness. At times we have gentle, meditative repetition which calms and soothes your mind into a false sense of security then,  without warning, swathes of radio static and glorious feedback belt out the speakers in a thick warm hue. Within these scenes are lone radio broadcasts, seemingly lost in the static void only to find refuge at this certain point in time. There’s something strange going on here. There’s a new world being create, one full of abstraction and obscurity. It feels uneasy and frightening, but it’s almost intriguing and I want to delve deeper into the recess to find what truly lies beyond. I’m going in for another listen.




Penned as a sculptural performance, this record is the attempt to transpose the art of live performance into a studio space. A very personal record that gives you some sort of insight into the strange minds that create this wondrous dirge. Repeated listens and full concentration are the ideal listening scenarios for this record to give you maximum pleasure.

The (UN)Expected  is out 7th March on The Audacious Art Experiment.


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