January 31, 2014


Here’s some new filthy, sludgy noise from Newcastle with members of Foot Hair/Khunnt/Haikai No Ku/PigsPigsPigsPigsPigsPigsPigs. I’m actually surprised that the infamous Mike Vest doesn’t feature on this one. Blood curdling screams and slow, heavy guitars hidden behind a mammoth wall of tape hiss. It sounds like I’m listening to it through a tin can phone with the rusty edge scraping away at my skin. ‘Edgelands’ and ‘Treat’ use slow and super heavy guitar crunch to push your speakers and ears to their absolute limits. On the other hand, ‘Mainline’ and ‘club’ are two heavy as hell, fist in the air, chunks of noisy punk that punch you straight in the face while simultaneously making you put holes in the floor due to excessive foot tapping. Maximalist guitars feeding back straight into your brain in the lowest fidelity possible. Beautiful noise.

BIN are playing their debut gig at Leave Me Here’s second all day event in Newcastle on 4th May. Be there.


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