COIN – Inside Palace/Lumisokea – Contrapasso

January 12, 2014

Just got myself two new cassettes from Opal Tapes and I’ve been trying to come up with ways to explain how much I like the.


COIN’s Inside Palace starts of with a light meringue of wispy ambient notes floating around in a chamber of reverb. Forgive me for thinking this is some sort of instrumental Beach House track, I do like it though. From then on, the initially floaty sounds are stretched out into an abstraction of themselves. Pulled between arms like a fuzzy elastic band, remnants of that soft sound seem to blend in with the background, not wanting to stand out from the crowd. You can still see them though, just catching a glimpse before the blend in with the others. This is a hazy stroll along a beach. A holiday in a dream world. Opening your eyes to a blurry landscape that’s both beautiful but desolate, not quite knowing where you are but enjoying the experience nonetheless. Like the cover, you can feel yourself sat beside the monotone leaves, blown around in the gentle breeze. Inside Palace is an excellent piece of gentle ambience that I’m going to let guide me to sleep as many times as possible. I think this tape is sold out at source, although you can still stream it over at the band camp page.


Lumisokea’s Contrapasso on the other hand presents us with a one track, five part mound of industrial rubble. Recycled beats ride alongside metallic soundscapes in a scrapyard of sound. Sounds rummage around, scraping against walls, banging into each other. A lone beat struggles to find air, stays afloat for a while then disappears into an abstract void, reappearing after it’s had some times to rest. Stark, black and white, depression ridden ambience. A perfect slice of post industrial techno.


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