Henry Blacker – Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings

January 2, 2014


Henry Blacker are made up of two thirds Hey Colossus and an additional brother. Their debut effort, Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings, is a 30 minute punch in the face. Hey Colossus’s 2013 release Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo was a personal favourite of mine. It was the perfect amalgamation of heavy riffs and strange psych air. Henry Blacker stay exclusively in the heavy riffs category. Album opener Crab House recalls dreams of driving a beaten up car around a run down city while managing to feel absolutely unstoppable. Rust and dust. I feel exactly the same way as I did when I watched the video for Wires by Red Fang. Something along the lines of “hmmmm, maybe I should stop being a pretentious shit and enjoy some beer, beards and guitars. I can listen to some obscure sound art later.” I just want to play air guitar where I hammer imaginary chord shapes rather than mime fickle guitar solos. Could there be a better way to start a new year than with some trusty noise rock? Possibly. But for now I’m content with this. Maybe pretend you’re not trying to be healthy in January by listening to this, it’s certainly better than a salad. That’s the least I can say. Go on, let the distortion explore the crevices in your skull. Let the fleghmy vocals seep into the deep recesses of your tinnitus ridden ears.

Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings is released via Riot Season Records on January 20th.


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