Jar Moff – Financial Glam

December 20, 2013


After a year full of mind blowing releases, PAN drop another right before the end of 2013. The second album from Jar Moff on their label is another amalgamation of samples arranged into a warm, industrial mould.

Financial Glam in a rich, dense thicket of sound. Piles and piles of noise pushed together to create on beautiful cacophonous piece. You can almost hear parts of song samples creep in. The odd guitar solo, some eerie sax, but they disappear as quickly as they came, never really allowed long enough to make a significant sound. This all creates a very uneasy atmosphere. In dreams we tends to recall the day we’ve had or things from the not too distant past. Financial Glam plays on that idea. Different sounds seep into consciousness and mingle with others, creating a very surreal and strange dreamworld where each element can strive to create a non linear narrative. Like his visual artwork, Jar Moff is able to create a unique collage from pre existing material to give it new life in a completely different context.

His debut PAN release, Commercial Mouth, was a 26 minute collage of sounds that felt like you were rushing through the world, things being thrown at you from every direction, very much like the real world. Financial Glam takes a step away from this bust environment and slows it down. It clocks in at the 46 minute mark and is so much richer for the extra time. Sounds are given time to breathe, time to expand and shrink. That extra 20 minutes feels like hours. It’s a very easy piece of music to get lost in. Play it loud, play it quiet, listen to headphones, play it at your work xmas party. I’m sure every time you’l finding something new and unexacting within the abyss.

I recently had the chance to catch Jar Moff live, ahead of the release of Financial Glam, at this years instalment of TUSK festival. Seeing how the live sound has developed into recorded material is a really interesting insight into how he works. Yes, it’s very similar in style but both have a completely different atmosphere associated with them. As always, I strongly urge buying the record and trying to catch Jar Moff in a live setting to fully understand the beauty of the sounds he is making.

Financial Glam is out now on PAN. A lovely little release to top of another great year of experimental electronic music.



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