Nicoffeine – Au Revoir Golden Air

November 27, 2013


Au Revoir Golden Air presents us with noise rock pushed to maximum levels. Listening to it, it feels like your speakers are degrading as they’re being abused to within an inch of their lives. So very visceral. The whole record actually starts out quite calm. Slow drones with reverb heavy vocals lead us to our seats where we are given seat belts then pummelled with heavy snares, screeching guitars and insane vocal yelps. As soon as the feedback pierced my ears on Ando Guerillo, I knew this was one for me. From there on out it continues with insane, loose noise rock trio crunch.

As far as I can make out, they’re from Koblenz, Germany. That makes a little tougher to gain information about them due to language restrictions. Take a look though out their back catalogue too. Lighthealer Stalking Flashplayer is a beast. Seems they’ve honed it in (slightly) on this new one.

Au Revoir Golden Air is out now on bluNoise Records.


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