Heavy Vibrations From Within The Fuselage

November 23, 2013


Blurred waves of thick, heavy noise. I like most things that can be described that way. Heavy Vibrations From Within The Fuselage by Robin Foster is one of them.

Within the dense layers of grainy fuzz, maximalist noise pours out of the speakers making your brain seep out through your eyes. No time to think about anything else, just let the wave take over your mind and block out any other sense of purpose. Behind the fuzz there’s more fuzz. Guitars feeding back, electronics tripping, all adding to that rich mess that we love so much. Every dial turned well past 11 to give us a mind melting trip through this wonderfully heady forest of noise. I’d love to think this was actually made in the fuselage of an aircraft. Electronic noise reverberating around an industrial shell. Perfect music for that rise and shine, blow the cobwebs out of your head type morning.

Available as a limited edition CDr and D/L via Megawhat Recordings.


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