Benjamin Finger – Listen to my nerves hum

November 5, 2013



This popped onto my lap the other day and I’ve been spending some time getting to grips with it. The new album from Benjamin Finger, an Oslo based artist, who was previously unknown to me.

What follows is an eleven track selection of sparse, atmospheric piano pieces combined with field recordings and other background sounds. While this could easily have been a soundtrack to any depressing, desolate film about loss, the sounds are well realised enough to tell their own story without having to use visual clues to guide you along. It’s a sound that we all know too well but never tire of hearing. Empty spaces, confused thoughts and heartache all rise to prominence here. The repetitive structure of the piano works well at the forefront which is surrounded by a soft, ambient backdrop with frequent voice overs which range from feeling unsettling to relatively peaceful and relaxed. This all culminates to an interesting listen and one that brings out my passion for the depressive nature of things. You could probably file this release next to all the others with that ‘neo classical’ tag slapped on them. I’m thinking Nils Frahm, Ludovico Einaudi, that sort of thing.

Listen To My Nerves Hum is out now on Time Released Sound. Due to finding out about this too late I missed out on the “truly over the top, deluxe limited version” which looks absolutely magnificent. I’ve always wanted to have to build my own sculpture while buying records. Have a spy here.

Here’s a cut from the album to whet your appetite.


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