Part Pelt Wild Gate – Hung On Sunday

November 1, 2013


I missed this performance at Tusk festival 2012 but thanks to MIE I can have an idea of what it was like to be there. Taken from a Sunday afternoon eye opener, Hung On Sunday is the recording of a Gamelan set featuring Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, Michael Morley of Gate/The Dead C and Mike Gangloff and Nathan Bowels of Pelt. Mouthful and a half that was. That’s some seriously next level collaboration.

Two halves of a record spanning about 45 minutes take us on this quaint, relaxed journey which was the soundtrack to that inevitable Sunday morning hangover for numerous Tusk goers. The first half is a fairly laid back affair while the artists get used to grips with the plethora of objects laid out in front of them. Rich, dense drones accompanied by gentle taps resonate throughout the entire record. It’s as hypnotic and it is relaxing. A very unique chance to hear this traditional Indonesian music performed by an array of artists from around the world. As the sound expands, it starts to descend into a quiet, almost silent break halfway through the second side. Trying to pick out individual sounds is difficult but a challenge I take great joy in. The tiny scratches, scrapes, chimes and dings that form the basis of the set are stripped right back to their core in here without anything to hide behind. We’re soon brought back to higher ground as cymbals crash and surround the rest of the piece in glorious waves of noise. A once in a lifetime collaboration (of which Tusk is famous for providing) which comes off extremely well.

If you were there, if you were’t, if you never heard of any of the things I’ve referenced it doesn’t matter. I strongly urge checking this record out. I’d be quick though, word on the street is it’s close to selling out and it’s not even out yet. Pre order it here.

Hung On Sunday is released via MIE Records on 25/11/13.


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