Joey Fourr/H.Grimace – Nothing Beats Reality EP

October 22, 2013


New EP forthcoming on Bad Paintings soon. Two bands, two distinct sounds. Joey Fourr make a noise that sits somewhere in between L7 and The Melvins, with a little Nirvana added in for good measure. Their three tracks fly by with grungy melodies and crunchy, fuzzy guitar chords.  Their two track  Purp Le Rain and Dollar Thrillz are my favourites simply because of that head poundingly intense drum track that sounds like it came straight off a Big Black record. On the other hand, H. Grimace have a softer approach to the elusive ‘slacker pop’ genre. More ‘dreamy’ than their side one counterparts, they take a route that is less direct but that little bit more appealing. I’ve listened to the track Cemza countless times and the subtle, almost absent melodies manage to bring a wave of calm over me. I do love a good indie pop track. The two other tracks they give us are more of the same. Jangly, echoing guitar chords mashed together with lethargic vocals. It’s calm and full of hooks. What’s not to like?

It’s slacker pop at it’s best. Check out H.Grimace’s track Cemza below.
The EP is out via Bad Paintings as a cassette on 28th October. Pre order it here.


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