Secret Pyramid – Movements of Night

October 5, 2013


This arrived in front of me the other day and I’ve not stopped listening to it. It’s been a treat having it pumping through my headphones on a night time, enveloping my thoughts in a dense wave of sound. Sounds are stretched out of proportion, becoming an abstraction of their original form. Beneath the mass, you can hear slight nuances of the melodies that created the noise, but they disappear as quickly as they appear, back into the dream like haze from which they surfaced.

It’s a perfect soundtrack to a dream state, whether it be during the day or night. Recalling artists such as Tim Hecker and William Basinski, it’s just got that intensely heavy yet soft sound which I find so soothing to. Movements of Night is a very apt title for the record. There’s just a barely real, hazy feel to the sound that links in so well with dreams. The cover too seems like a strange abstraction of some bigger picture, almost space like in texture.

Stand out track for me is “Closer” which moved me in such a way that without knowing it, I’d listening to it 5 times in a row before breaking concentration. There’s just something I find so satisfying about listening to a melody that has almost decayed and fallen into itself, barely ever reaching fruition but still managing to be prominent. Highly recommended if you like your music beat free, loud and heady.

Movements of Night is out October 29th on Students of Decay. Apparently the first vinyl release for Secret Pyramid, which is always a good thing.



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