383 Dwellings, 13 Shops, One Supermarket on Basic.FM

September 2, 2013

383 dwellings

I have a new composition airing this week on basic.fm

Using field recordings taken during and after the demolition of the Derwent Tower (Known informally as The Dunston Rocket), 383 Dwellings, 13 Shops, One Supermarket pays homage to the concrete behemoth that once graced the Gateshead skyline.

The composition uses solely recorded sounds, which have been digitally manipulated to create a harsh, industrial, concrete collage mirroring the brutalist façade of the Tower. The piece acts as a sonic portrait of an often hated, yet historically significant housing development that, like many others of its time, has met its eventual demise.

Tune in, Tuesdays at 16.45 on basic.fm



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