Vicki Bennett – Gesture Piece

August 26, 2013

gesture piece

Vicki Bennett, also known as People Like Us, is a renowned multimedia artist, often working in both sound and visual media. After her controversial film The Zone was withdrawn from circulation in 2013 due to a copyright legal claim, she has brought us a new audio/visual delight which hopefully won’t follow the same path.

Her new work, titled Gesture Piece, is to be shown online from Friday 6th September. It’s a new commision from Tyneside Cinema based Pixel Palace.

The work is a visual, plunderphonic collage of pre existing film arranged in such a way to give it a new context and meaning. Some scenes will be familiar, others not so much, but seeing the coincidences and similarities between these makes for some interesting and often hilarious viewing. I found myself laughing on numerous occasions where the comedic timing of a particular cut couldn’t help but tickle me. The whole piece has been soundtracked by seven sound artists as instructed by Bennett and they range from the gentle and surreal to the downright strange, but always seem relevant to the scene on show.

Check out the trailer HERE then read more about Gesture Piece on the Pixel Palace website HERE.


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