Helm – Silencer

August 23, 2013

helm silencer

Every time PAN announce a new release I get giddy with excitement like I used to as a child. The label seems to be going from strength to strength. The curatorial precision that goes into every release just makes it one of the most exciting experimental electronics label around. Enough gushing though (for now).

Yeah, the next in a long line of excellent releases is a new 12″ from Helm called Silencer. Following on from his long player Impossible Symmetry that came out last year, again on PAN, Luke Younger has taken his Helm moniker on another journey through a densely layered noisescape. It’s moved away from that industrial setting that he’s used before and ventured into a slightly less harsh environment. A thick, dense drone uses layers and layers of noise to create an almost calming, hypnotic track. Initially a very beat heavy piece, the rhythm just seems to melt away into a rich, warm drone that takes us the rest of the way. The ten minute piece felt like it lasted both two minutes and two hours. Completely lost my head in it, just zoning in on the subtle nuances he manages to string throughout the track. There’s no point in hoping that the rest of the 12″ will be of the same caliber as I know for a fact it will be.

Silencer is out September 9th on PAN.


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