Eagulls – Nerve Endings

August 22, 2013


Leeds punks Eagulls are back with a new 7″ ‘Nerve Endings’, out September 30th on Partisan Records.

Ahead of the debut album, due sometime in 2014, Eagulls seem to be going down a different route in history with their sound. While earlier tracks like Council Flat Blues and Acrostical had that 90’s American, gritty hardcore(ish) punk sound to it, this new track seems to have flown overseas to the land of UK post punk. The crunchiness has been replaced by reverb and the vocals now seem to be sang instead of shouted, although there’s still some of that coarseness to his voice. Don’t get me wrong, I like the rough around the edges sound of their earlier work, but it’s something that if you keep repeating  will end up sounding stale. Beneath the fresh sheen they’ve been given there’s still  a muscular, chugging guitar riff that reminds us these guys are still writing punk songs. From the sounds of things they’re doing it right, taking influences from the likes of Killing Joke (The B Side is a cover of their) and Wire. Hopefully it won’t get sucked too far into post punk copy land and end up sounding like another Siousxie and the Teardrop Bunnymen rip off. Time will tell I suppose.


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