Joseph Curwen

August 14, 2013

Self penned as ‘HP Lovecraft inspired Drone’, Jospeh Curwen is exactly that.  Take a one second snippet of horror film soundtrack, stretch, rinse and repeat. I guess this probably isn’t the way it’s done, but I’d like it to be. Zone in on that melancholic, evil feel you get in any classic horror film moment and you’re sort of on the right lines. It’s all about texture. A one second moment of suspense is stretched out into infinite proportions to make you feel uneasy for a long as possible. It can be the soundtrack to your dreams/nightmares/waking life. When everyone is too busy rushing around living their tedious lives, stick this on your headphones and bask in the slow, dark atmosphere it provides. I’m certain it’s not just me that finds these eerie sounds comforting.


One Response to “Joseph Curwen”

  1. forestpunk said

    no. definitely not the only one. i like yr writing!

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