Hey Colossus – Cuckoo Lives Life Like Cuckoo

March 28, 2013

The new Hey Colossus album is an absolute beast. From start to finish, it’s just mean. This is the eighth album from the London band and it just sounds amazing.

With the addition of Tim Cedar of Part Chimp on drums, they seems to have rediscovered their own sound. The first two tracks, Hot Grave and Oktave Dokkter, are perfect examples of a band being nothing but menacing. The riffs and vocals combine together to make an angry mess of noise. I mean listen to the bass riff on Oktave Dokkter, I’ve never heard anything as mean in my life. I found myself walking through John Lewis recently with this blasting in my headphones and I felt unstoppable. A completely surreal experience.

As the album moves forward, it takes that ‘in your face’ energy and masks in in a wave of psychedelic guitar noise. It makes it fierce in an entirely different way. It’s sort of strange to be honest. There are numerous nods to various other bands and musical genres without ever really anchoring down any particular one. At times it sounds like Killdozer, at times it sounds like Neu!. StrangeĀ I know, but it makes for some great listening. I think it’s one of the most diverse and interesting noise rock records I’ve heard in some time. That additional depth makes it a cut above the rest. Rather than relying solely on heavy, abrasive guitar work, they manage to squeeze it through a mangle along with some out of this world fuzz to create a new, frightening entity. It’s like the perfect soundtrack to an industrial meltdown.

The records is due out on 1st April on the brilliant MIE label as a CD, Digital Download and run of 500LPs.

Listen to Hot Grave, the first (and probably the most menacing) track from the album.


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