Koboku Senjû – Joining the queue to become one of those ordinary ghosts

January 29, 2013

This album just happened to appear in my lap recently and completely took me by surprise. It’s the new record from part Japanese, part Norwegian quintet Koboku Senjû and it’s really strange.
Recorded live at Cafeteateret, Oslo in 2011, it’s a 40 minute journey of weird and wonderful sounds. Free improv at it’s best. There’s a slow, droning hiss that seems ever present throughout the recording which at times is accompanied by sparse, uncontrolled outbursts of squeaking tuba, saxophone and trumpet. Very minimal in composition but so rich in texture. Every minute detail stands out in the way it should. Nothing detracts from the piece as a whole and each little nuance is essential in keeping the piece afloat. The, at first, noisy exterior soon becomes a mellow, inviting cocoon that you just want to be inside of.
I must admit, it’s the first record I’ve heard of theirs, but it’s made me want to discover what they’ve done before. Where they’ve come from, how they’ve developed. It’s a really captivating collage of sounds and works extremely well with big headphones on, nothing else around to distract you. The best thing about this type of record is the ability it has to transport you to a different place. If i close my eyes and listen closely, I soon forget where I am and just become focussed on the music. To me, that’s what music should be about. Am I right?
It’s out now on the superb MIE music. I suggest getting yourself a copy to understand where i’m coming from.
Format: LP and digital
Release Date: 28th January 2013

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