Roseanne Barrr – Repulsion LP

November 14, 2012

It’s only recently that I’ve discovered the London based No Wave band Roseanne Barrr and I guess I found them at just the right time, as they have just put out a new LP.

Imagine yourself holed up in a dirty, sweaty basement with noise so loud you cant think straight among a collective of people all rebelling against the social norms that they find in their day to day lives. That’s the initial feeling I get from this record. It lends itself equally to the noise pop and no wave musical genres, managing to make an interesting mix of the two. It’s deliciously ‘arty’ and has that underground, DIY aesthetic smeared all over it which I love. With stuff like this, there tends to be the notion that there isn’t much variation. That isn’t the case here. Yeah it has a definite ‘feel’, but it’s executed in such a way that really make it such a powerful musical experience. Heavy drums, abrasive guitars, spoken word verses and menacing shouts all work together in harmony to deliver a truly uncompromising sound that feels completely natural and inventive. I strongly suggest checking it out and, as I did, delving deeper into their past musical offerings and other related excursions.


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