Divorce LP Review

September 10, 2012

The glaswegian four piece, Divorce, are bringing out their debut album and I’ve had the chance to listen to it. It’s been something I’ve had high hopes for ever since hearing the initial announcement. They’ve already made quite a name for themselves in the noise rock underworld with an impressive set of releases under their belt. Just take the Horseheads/Whiskey Shoes 7″ they released earlier this year which saw the band tighten their sound, making it feel more brutal and violent than ever.

With the new full length though, it seems like they’re really had a chance to sit down, evaluate the music and develop it to it’s full potential. Rather than just a head first onslaught of noise and screams, this 12″ brings together the different aspects of noise rock to make something unforgettable. Opening track ‘Cunts In A Circle’ (subtle, eh) is just one example of this. It feels like it’s taken influence straight from more electronic noise artists such as Merzbow, but done in such a way to not feel like a copy and only slightly less abrasive. There’s definitely a ‘power electronics’ feel in parts of the record. It’s really good that they’re expanding their sound, it makes the whole record feel that little bit more diverse and, ultimately, a more rewarding listen. Yeah, it’s still got those brutal bass riffs and piercing guitar screeches that they’re known for, but it’s also got a plethora of other sounds. I’m sure I even heard a Saxophone in there too. I think it’s hard to pick out individual favourites on the album. For me, the whole thing just feel like one aural assault with each track packing so much energy and strength it’s hard to compare them. That’s why I think they’re such a great band. They manage to make such a unique and uncompromising sound that no one can even come close to matching them.

The whole album feels really in your face. I’ve been listening to it all day and it feels like the band are playing live right behind me. My ears are ringing and I can’t help but play it through again. It’s so rare to find a noise band that seem to be so consistently great. Divorce always manage to remind me of AIDS Wolf for some reason. Maybe it’s the familiar sounds or the female vocalist. I suppose it’s kind of lucky considering AIDS Wolf are no longer with us. To be fair though, Divorce are so much heavier and that little bit more menacing. When I listen to it I feel that I’m listening to a band who are giving their all. Seriously, check out this record and if you haven’t already, check out their back catalogue.

They’ve just put up a new video for a track from the album ‘Aids of Space’ and it’s incredible!

The album is coming out on Night School records. It’s out on 17th September and is limited to 1000 copies. Half of which are on green vinyl, the other half on purple…which on will you choose?


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