The Horse Loom LP

September 4, 2012

Recently, I’ve started to develop a taste for fingerpicked, acoustic guitar music. I don’t know where the obsession came from, but it’s taken me along a huge journey, full of talent. I’ve delved into the works of local heroes such as Richard Dawson and then gone back in time to the works of John Fahey, came back the present with Cian Nugent and gone back again to Jim O’ Rourke. I’ve also tried to hear everything in between too but, as much as it pains me to say it, there is just too much music out there with so little time to consume it. That’s where The Horse Loom fits in. In a similar vein to the arists I’ve just mentioned, this music fits perfectly into my current sound excursions.

Let’s get the basics out of the way. The Horse Loom is Steven Malley who, you may or may not know, plays in the incredible noise rock band The Unit Ama. There, that was easy. Now onto the interesting bit, the music itself. I like to think of it that way. Too many times have people (myself included) been critical of music based purely on the person who makes it, rather that what it sounds like. Luckily, I’d heard this record before I’d even bothered to find out who was behind the name so my opinions were untarnished by favouritism.

Ever since I heard the first note, i knew it was for me. There’s something about this type of songwriting that I find so invigorating. There something about the intricate use of acoustic guitar that really gets me excited, the way it sounds on this record and the way it makes me feel is intangible. It’s got that warm, homely feel that I find really hard to describe. I think it sounds like the countryside. I can imagine it being the soundtrack to a lonely, solemn walk in the countryside where I’d have all the time in the world to gather my thoughts. At times it can feel like a dark, twisted story, but it still has that air of optimism that makes you sure everything will work out. It’s a work that feels humble but also full of personal emotion. The guitar and the vocals work together beautifully, almost becoming an extension of one another, working simultaniously as a vehicle to tell the story. A truly brilliant piece of music by a great artist.

If you’re in Newcastle get yourself along to the album launch. It’s at Morden Tower on Sunday 16th September at 7.30. Not everyone’s going to make that though, so if not I definitely recommend investing in a copy of this album.

It’s due out on 14th September via the brilliant Low Point Records. Don’t forget about it.

Low Point Records


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