Leave Me Here presents…Goat

September 3, 2012

What do we have here? yep, it’s yet another great gig brought to us by the lovely folk that are Leave Me Here. It seems they really have a talent for picking out the strange and obscure music that only just seems to peering onto our radars. A cut above the rest.

For our pleasure, they’re brining the Swedish psych band Goat to Newcastle.

I’ve had numerous encounters with the band. Not on a personal level, but via the wonders of the world wide web. I’ve read reviews of their records, watched their videos and listened to their music and I’m still not able to get my head around it. I must say, on my first encounter I wasn’t sure if it was really my sort of thing. So I left it. But, as time passed, I decided to go back for another go and it all started to make sense, I think.

It’s definitely a weird one. They play sort of hazed out, full on psych jams that just seem to bleed culture out of every note. Lazily, I’d probably class it as ‘world’ music, whatever that means. Bringing together a wealth of different influences from afro beat to psych, the Swedish 7 piece piece together with such force and style that’s it’s hard not to be enthralled. I’m excited to hear their strange sounds take over the Star and Shadow. Seriously catch them if you can, this is one of only 3 UK dates!



Two great supports feature on the bill. First comes in the form of Beauty Pageant, who I’ve mentioned on here before. I haven’t seen them live in almost a year so I’d imagine they’ve become the best live band in Newcastle. I might be wrong, but every time i listen to their EP, I fall in love all over again. Seriously, check them out live and, until then, have another listen to that EP.


Last but not least isĀ PIGSPIGSPIGSPIGSPIGSPIGSPIGS (I think that’s the right amount of PIGS). Now, I’ve heard a little about these and managed to make a picture of them in my head, but other than that I’m oblivious as to what to expect. I think it’s best left as a mystery though. Let’s see what happens on the night.


Hopefully that’s all the convincing you need. Just get yourself along, it won’t disappoint. Here’s the details:

Star and Shadow Cinema

Get your tickets here.

Leave Me Here.



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