Jazzfinger – Titan Granolith

August 1, 2012

I’ve mentioned Jazzfinger a few times on here before. They’ve been around forever and while I obviously haven’t had the chance to consume their entire discography, I have experienced a (limited) selection of it. To be fair, it’s hard to keep up with. They somehow manage to have a constant stream of releases on experimental cassette labels. Is it just me, or do they just record and release everything they do?

One such release that has sprung to my attention is ‘Titan Granolith’. A double cassette this time, meaning plenty of strange Jazzfinger goodness. With experimental drone bands like this, it’s always hard to actually determine what you like or, should I say, what you can handle. Sometimes they’ll come out with something so ridiculously harsh and callous it’s actually a chore to listen to it. On this release though, it’s quite the opposite though.

Side A of the release is up for streaming and, to my relief, its the softer, more drone focussed side of the band. A rather lengthy affair clocking in at over 3 hours worth of music! As I write, i’m listening to the stream in the early hours of the morning with big headphones on and its great. It’s very passive. I can sit here and have the music accompany my thoughts, not really being too intrusive. Then again, at times it can catch you off guard and surprise you with some strange, almost eerie noises. One of the best things I’ve heard from Jazzfinger. I’m juts looking forward to hearing the second half of the tape.

It’s due out August 5th on Blackest Rainbow, but for now just let the stream of Side A lull you into a false sense of relaxation.

Jazzfinger Facebook Group


One Response to “Jazzfinger – Titan Granolith”

  1. ben jones said

    we have released a tiny amount of what has been recorded,iceberg style!

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