Base Ventura EP

July 31, 2012

Despite the awful pun, Base Ventura actually make some fairly promising music.

Fuzzed out psychedelic sounds reminiscent of 60’s garage rock, but with a little more WAH! This five track EP is, hopefully, just the start. It brings images of being transported back to an earlier age, dancing in a smoky, sweaty club after having taken numerous intoxicants where Base Ventura would be playing. There’s some similarities to fellow psych rockers Hookworms, but Base Ventura seem to do it in a more relaxed, gritty way. For that, I think I prefer it.

It’s being released on cassette via Manchester based label Twisted Tape on 6th August. I strongly recommend snapping up a copy before they all go and it becomes one of those long lost, highly sought after recordings you here about in legends.



Check out the video for 1:52

Base Ventura Tumblr


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