Blanck Mass – White Math

July 24, 2012


Good news, there’s a new Blanck Mass 12″ coming out!

Benjamin John Power is Blanck Mass and also one half of drone duo Fuck Buttons. On his debut effort, he provided listeners with a slow, calming and incredibly deep listening experience. It was 10 tracks of long, drawn out drone music. It was quite relaxing, often hypnotic and always interesting. I saw him play live at The Cluny not so long ago and it was an incredible show.

However, on his new effort things have changed. Instead of the dreamy, sometimes frightening soundscapes, BJP has opted for a more upbeat style. Revolving around a repetitive and gentle beat, it still has the same feeling as that first record. It’s not overpowering, it’s not obtrusive but it is intriguing. Clocking in at just over 11 minutes, absent minded listeners may blow it off as boring and inventive but I find it quite the opposite. It’s the whole feeling to the music that why it works so well. That’s the whole idea of this type of music. It pushes melody and rhythm to the side and concentrates on the more cerebral side of things. It brings back memories of listening to The Orb and the ambient excursions of Aphex Twin. It’s not just a rehash of the past though, its a new take on things.

The White Math / Polymorph 12″ is out on August 21st through Software Recording Co.


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