Sunflare – Don’t Belong

July 11, 2012

I’m not sure where this came from. I tend to open a lot of links on my phone when I’m at work so I can remember to listen to them all when I get home. I only just found this hovering around so who knows how long it’s been sitting there. It doesn’t matter though, because despite my shortcomings in remembering, it’s one hell of a piece of music.

Sunflare are, as far as I can tell, a three piece from Portugal. It’s been hard to find much written about them, but I found their music and that’s what matters. They have a new 12″ entitled ‘Ghetto Blast’ coming out on Bat Shit Records and the A side from it is incredible. Just over 20 minutes of mind bending psych rock. There’s a very bass heavy backing that acts as a canvas for the noisy, shrieking guitar lines to attack. Completely wild and out of control, here is a beast that doesn’t want to be tamed. I get the feeling that it could fall apart at any time, but it somehow manages to stay stable and unwind itself along a messy, coarse path until it reaches it’s eventual demise. Turning up the volume only seems to make it more pleasurable, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

I’m going to try looking for more stuff by these as I’m intrigued. Hopefully I can get the new 12″ imported or maybe the folks over at Norman Records are ahead of me. Who knows. Until then I’m going to lose my head in this cacophony of fuzz.


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