OM – State of Non-Return

June 21, 2012

There’s a new Om track circulating the internet at the minute. The rhythm section from Sleep are slowly distancing themselves from that association, giving themselves their very own entity.

State of Non-Return, a track from their upcoming record on Drag City has got me excited. I don’t know what to think of it though. Granted, I’m not exactly educated on the band themselves, but I’m basing most of judgement on how much I enjoyed their 2007 album Pilgrimage. The records opening synonymous song was full of slow, repetitive guitar lines that felt quite self contained and reserved, and that’s why it was so beautifully entrancing. As the record went on, it seems to lean more towards the sound of Sleep, with the introduction of over driven guitar lines and a heavier outlook.

I suppose I was hoping for another album full of songs reminiscent of Pilgrimage. Not to say that I’m underwhelmed by the track, just I think it could have made more of an initial impact on me than it has. Personally, I would have loved to see that first minute and a half of music evolved gently through a whole six minutes. Let’s see though, ‘Advaitic Songs’ is due out on July 24th and I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be great. Never mind my mild skepticism, Om are doing something really great and I know it’ll be a brilliant record despite any ill informed judgements I make. As always though, make your own mind up.

Om/Drag City

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