Beauty Pageant EP

June 20, 2012

To my delight, I cam home today to find out that Beauty Pageant have an EP out. Plus, it’s on cassette!

I first encountered this band at The Star and Shadow Christmas Party. I’d never heard of them before, but as soon as they started playing I fell in love. I’ve been looking to find some recorded tracks ever since then, only managing to come across some live recordings. The recorded material really encapsulates the energy of their live performances.

Music like this wouldn’t feel out of place on seminal 1978 No Wave compilation ‘No New York’. It’s strange, at times its fast, noisy and chaotic but it also has periods where it feels silent and sparse. Just imagine an amalgamation of ‘Teenage Jesus & The Jerks’ and ‘James Chance & The Contortions’. The frenetic screams, reminiscent of Lydia Lunch, paired with an unrelenting wail of guitar noise really works for me. The use of Sax in such an uncontrolled and free manner gives it an edge that’s difficult to find elsewhere. I think it’s great to have a band like this from Newcastle who aren’t scared to explore a different dimension of music. When everyone else if trying to mimic the 90’s guitar rock of bands like Dinosaur Jr, this trio are heading in a completely new direction and for that alone I applaud them. Have a listen to it on bandcamp then, if you’re that way inclined, buy yourself the cassette.



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