June 13, 2012

As you have probably guessed from a few posts on here, I’m a massive fan of WFMU. I find the station itself an intriguing and vital specimen in the world of music. Not only the way it operates, but also the sheer quality of the its output on a daily basis.

So as you can imagine, I was extremely pleased to hear about plans for a documentary. It’s currently only in the funding period. It needs donations from listeners and fans alike to make the concept a reality. I know I’m going to put some money forward. I’m excited to have a glimpse in a world that has brought so much listening pleasure to my ears.

The Kickstarter page at the time of writing this has $28,025 pledged (the goal is $50,000) with 27 days still remaining. I guess that shows how committed the fans are. I get payed at the end of the month and a chunk of that will be going straight to this. And, as you may be aware, the guys at WFMU are extremely generous so there are ‘prizes’ on offer for various levels of donation.

Do your part, support a station that supports so many other artists and keep music alive.


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