Peaking Lights – Beautiful Son (Video)

June 8, 2012

Peaking Lights, the duo consisting of Indra Dunis and Aaron Coyes, brought out one of my favorite records of the last few years, ‘936’ in 2011. It was something quite different, something inventive, something fresh. To be honest, it’s quite hard to come across a record like that now. I don’t know what did it for me. After reading a bit of internet hype I gave it a listen and, at first, couldn’t really get into it. But, after some perseverance it soon clicked. I can’t explain what it was. Just something about the upbeat yet mellow, drugged out music struck a chord with me. It’s perfect late night listening. Sitting with headphones in the early hours of the morning,  it just sort of made sense.

Now, they have a new album coming out entitled ‘Lucifer’. They recently released the incredible track LO HI to give us all a taste of what’s to come. It seems its time for another appetizer, this time in the form of ‘Beautiful Son’. It’s got that Peaking Lights feel to it, but there’s something  new here. I can just get lost in the ambient, dub influenced soundscape. The calming vocals lull me into an almost otherworldly state of listening pleasure. I can’t wait for the new album to come out, I just want more Peaking Lights. Make your own judgment on it though…

Peaking Lights



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