Split Festival 2012 Line Up Announcement

June 7, 2012

That’s right, Sunderland premier music festival Slit Festival has just announced its first batch of bands. A lot of the names are probably very familiar. They’ve got a wealth of local talent including the likes of Young Liar, Warm Digits, Let’s Buy Happiness and The Lake Poets. Nothing too ‘shocking’ to be honest, but that’s not a bad thing at all. They seem to have picked some of the best bands from the North East and brought them together for one weekend of music.

There are a couple of nice surprises on the line up though which come in the form of past local heroes The Unit Ama and This Ain’t Vegas. Now these are two great bands who have been await from things for a good few years. Luckily though, they are returning to play Split Festival this year and I, for one, am genuinely ecstatic. I’ve loved This Aint Vegas for a long time and have always hoped for a return and finally, it’s here. I’m hoping they live up to my expectations. I remember being about 15 or 16 sneaking into the Cumberland Arms to watch them play and loved every minute of it.

Tickets are on sale now, I suggest snapping one up before they’re gone!

Split Festival


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