May 18, 2012

You may remember, Banana Hill put Eagulls on at the Dog and Parrot not so long ago. It was a great gig, full of 80s influenced punk rock. It seems that the guys at Banana Hill havea sense for picking out bands.

Now, they bring us Bleached. If you’re not aware, they are Jennifer Clavin and Jessica Clavin and the play simple punk rock music. From the start, you get the impression that they spent years sitting at home listening to The Ramones. Their music has the ’77 punk’ vibe throughout, not in the sense that it’s politically charged or particularly full of anger, just that it’s fairly simplistic in execution. It’s a straightforward formula: no hassle, three chord punk with summery female vocals hovering over the top. It’s something I’m not too excited about, but it’s always nice to listen to a song once and have the melody repeating itself in your head. It should be a good night, I’m hoping to just take it easy and enjoy the meoldies!

Support on the night comes from Paws and Lunn Poly.

21st May
Cluny 2



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