B>E>A>K – The White Edition

April 26, 2012

B>E>A>K seem to be making quite a name for themselves. Having stayed under the radar for quite some time, they have only just really started to break out of their shell (pardon the awful pun). They’ve had a substantial amount of praise as both a live act and for their recorded output, and rightly so.

After a short run of releases entitled ‘ The Life of Birds ‘, we are greeted with the newest installment…The White Edition. In a similar vein to its predecessors, it features two freshly recorded tracks on CD which, if my memory serves me right, was a limited edition release for Record Store Day 2012. The EP opens up with fast paced instrumental rock anthem ‘Kehaar’. It’s the standard B>E>A>K formula here: non stop drum rhythm, punchy bass, sharp, angular guitars and prominent trumpet. The riffs have that ‘crunch’ to them that only this bunch of birds seem to be able to produce. It’s a staple of their songs and it works so well. Sitting listening to it in my bedroom I can’t help but dance to myself. That’s what they do though, they are the North Easts very own post hardcore dance band.

The second track, ‘Stairway to Hendon’ has to be one of my favorites so far. Fast angular guitars lead the track through it’s relatively short running time. Even though it only just pushes the two minute mark, it manages to have the ambition of something a lot longer. Somehow feeling out of controlled and unhinged but at the same time perfectly coordinated. It’s fast loose instrumental rock played at its finest. It’s a track that has been a live favourite of mine for some time and I’m glad I can finally listen to it from the comfort of my own home. As a band known for their live performances, they manage to successfully capture all of the energy and feeling and put it onto a record. That being said though, they are always going to be a band that have to be seen live to be fully appreciated. No matter how good their recordings are, they’re still never going to fully encapsulate the live experience.

It’s due out on 27th April 2012 and will be available for free download from their Bandcamp page.

Until then, check out the video of the ‘A side’ Kehaar.


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