Skull Mansions

April 25, 2012

Skull Mansions are Stephen Bishop and Mike Vest, whose names are also credited with the work of Drunk in Hell and Bong.

While their other work may be heavier and more primal, they seem to be presenting an alter ego with Skull Mansions. Actually, make that a split personality. While it’s a lot slower and more laid back, it still has that dark, brooding feel to it. Long, drawn out drones intertwine with abstract guitar work, creating a thick,  dense atmosphere which is so easy to get lost in. I think it’s the sparse instrumentation that really gives the unique texture and feel to these recordings.  I seem to be increasingly interested in this type of music at the minute and Skull Mansions create it perfectly. It’s beautifully dark and almost relaxing at times. Perfect listening for those late, sleepless nights full of strange thoughts and contemplation.

Apparently it’s going to be put out on cassette in the near future thanks to Dew Crux. I’ve got a feeling it’ll sound even better on cassette.


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