April 24, 2012

Recently I heard about and picked up a copy of the new SALT zine.

Written by The Quietus contributor Kevin McCaighy, it’s a short but expressive look at ‘alternative’ music. As I sit reading the black and white A4 zine, I can’t help but notice how detailed and informed the writing is. It definitely makes for a more interesting read when you can tell from the outset that the author has a true passion for the subject.

This issue, 10, had two standout articles for me. Firstly, an Introduction to the world of Maher Shalal Hash Baz. It’s well educated and a great read, giving a nice insight into the weird and wonder world of their experimental music without making the extensive . Also, the most enjoyable read I’ve had in a while, is the proclamation of love for Royal Trux. A band I have also been an avid fan of, this article gives an overview of why the author likes them so much. You can just feel the excitement and love Kevin has for the band just through reading about his experiences seeing them live and first hearing their songs. It’s a heartwarming love story between one man and a garage rock band from Washington D.C. and I found it utterly compelling.

But enough from me, I just wanted to let people know about this zine. If you want to read about real ‘alternative’ music from somehow who has a clear passion for it, check out SALT zine. Contact for more details of how to get your hands on a copy.




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