ZNS Tapes

April 20, 2012

ZNS tapes was a German born cassette label running from 1987-1993. It released a very limited run of cassettes from numerous different artists. There was a range of different styles and sounds on here from soft, gentle ambient music to the more rough and coarse electronic sounds. There’s a wealth of music on here. We have full tapes from individual artists such as Suicide Commando, Maeror Tri and MØHR as well as split tapes and compilation tapes. While the range of styles in the music is vast, there is still a definite ‘feel’ to the whole label and that itself is something to get excited about.

Always being released on a limited run, these tapes are very rare and difficult to get hold of. Luckily though, they’re all online for free. I only just discovered this today after searching for some earlier Maeror Tri releases (of which one was on this label). It’s full of obscure gems and has been a really great discovery. It’s something I think I’ll get engrossed in.

Check it out and enjoy the world of underground cassettes



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