TUSK Festival 2012

April 4, 2012

After the recent success of Newcastle’s AV festival, we have the announcement of another event dedicated to experimental music.

Tusk Festival has just made it’s first line up announcement, which is sure to be full of interesting, mind opening performances from a varied range of diverse artists across one weekend in October. Even though they’ve only announced four acts, they’re enough to get me excited.

Keiji Haino will be performing which promises to be an unforgettable show. A true avant-garde legend, his prolific output as a musician has spanned numerous different styles and genres including, but not limited to, drone, minimalism and free improvisation. Everything about this man screams experimental. I imagine it’s going to be a treat to see him perform live. It’s hard to anticipate what sort of show it will be, but I can guarantee that what happens it will be exciting, invigorating and downright strange.

Pelt will be bringing their lo fi drone musings to the festival. The Virginian band play stripped back yet dense drone music. It definitely has a mesmerising feel to it and you can feel yourself being lulled into a hypnotic state as the soft instrumentation carries you along. Even though it has a rough, noisy feel to it, the harsh tones They’re going to be a pleasure to see live. I can’t wait for it.

Hieroglyphic Being will be here with his wild, out of control ‘dance’ music. I can just picture it now, a room full of Geordies dancing along with the strange and engaging beats he produces. It’s going to brilliant. Just look at this, it’s going to be perfect.


and finally, Gate. Gate is the ‘side’ project of singer/guitarist of New Zealand noise rock band The Dead C. It’s a strange excursion in the many depths of noise. At times it can feel relaxing and reassuring but at the same time has a hidden sinister quality to it. Laden with strange electronics and obscure noises, I’m sure it’s going to be incredibly immersive when seen live.

What a line up. If that wasn’t enough, all of this is happening at the Star and Shadow cinema. Without a doubt the best and most inspiring venue in the city of Newcastle.

This is just the start though. There are still more acts to be announced and I have no doubt about their quality. It’s going to be a great festival full of obscure and interesting performances. It promises to be a weird weekend and something a lot more interesting that your standard weekend in Newcastle.



Early bird tickets on sale now.
Check it out at: http://tuskfestival.com/

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