Slowcoaches – We’re So Heavy

March 14, 2012

Punk has started to become a fairly meaningless blanket term recently. People have started using it recklessly, putting the label on anything with a slightly fast beat. To be fair, it’s difficult to actually label anything properly now. New genres appear almost randomly every single day, the majority of them meaningless.

Despite my opinions about the term, I think it’s relevant here. Slowcoaches are punk. Maybe not in attitude, maybe not in beliefs, but definitely in terms of sound. When I think of punk music, four words come to mind: fast, loud, simple, catchy. It may not agree with everyone’s views, but it’s certainly how I see it. Slowcoaches debut EP ‘We’re So Heavy’ ticks all the boxes. It’s no nonsense, primal punk rock. Akin to the sounds of Bikini Kill, it manages to give a sound that lacks the pretense many ‘punk bands’ have. It sweeps aside the bullshit and instead just gives us six tracks of music that we don’t want to turn off, but instead turn up louder.

Out soon on Tye Die Tapes, a nice little Sheffield based DIY tape label.

Listen to it now on their Bandcamp


One Response to “Slowcoaches – We’re So Heavy”

  1. […] Slowcoahes have a new video for their track 54. It’s from the ‘We’re So Heavy’ EP which I reviewed a few weeks ago. (You can read it here). […]

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