b-cátt & spook

February 21, 2012

Finally had a chance to listen to the new sounds from b-cátt & spook. I don’t know where to start describing this. Is it experimental, drone, avant garde, all of the above?

Whatever it is, it’s brilliant. I know things shouldn’t really be lumped into genres, but I can’t help but categorise things. It’s something a bit different. Something a bit more creative but probably needs an acquired taste to appreciate it. Thankfully though, it’s exactly to my taste. It’s full of intriguing noises and part its charm is trying to identify exactly where they come from. Strange electronics are present throughout, accompanied by the unique wail of prepared guitar.  Something truly  inventive and ‘different’.

The cassette is out now on Ultra Friends Records. Grab yourself a copy and have a listen.


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