Young Liar EP2 Review

February 3, 2012

A few weeks ago I posted a track from Young Liar’s forthcoming EP, cleverly titled EP2. I expressed my enthusiasm for the track got excited about what was about to come. Now that I’ve heard the whole EP, I can safely say that my expectations have been fulfilled, maybe even exceeded.

You should, by now, get the idea of this band. A five piece instrumental ‘post rock’ band. They opt for the louder side of the spectrum and they do it well.

I’ve heard many people express their distaste for insrumental rock. They don’t seem to be able to understand why there are no lyrics and simply don’t have the patience to listen to the music. Frankly, I think these people are idiots. But sadly they do exist. Young Liar manage to make a sound so strong that adding vocals would completely ruin it. The guitars do the talking here. If people don’t like what they hear or feel that adding vocals would somehow add value then I don’t want to know them.

The sound on this EP is superb. It somehow manages to sound both conrtolled and unhinged at the same time. A credit must be given to the guys at Blank studios for making this sound so good.

It opens with an almost ambient sound. It has a nice relaing quality to it, a good way to ease you in. To be fair, the first track ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Crazy’ seems to stray away from the standard Young Liar sound. It sounds a lot less abrasive, a lot more thought out. Yes, it has the same elements as a lot of other Young Liar tracks, but they get put forward in a different way. It’s sounds fresh and I really like it.It could possibly be my favourite Young Liar track yet, but don’t hold me to that. I just think the seemingly new approach the band have had with this EP has made it sound so much better.

It’s hard not to compare this EP with its predecessor. Both have their similarities and their differences. I think, overall, this EP shows Young Liar as a much more evolved band. A band that have their sound nailed down. I’m not writing off their first EP though as it’s still a great piece of work.

As the EP progresses, they seem to get some of the heavier sound back. I must say though, it does feel a lot more controlled this time round. That’s not a bad thing at all. As I sit here listening to the EP trying to think of how it makes me feel, I can’t help but notice that my head is moving along to it. Surely that’s a good thing. With tracks such as ‘Sponsored Silence’ and ‘Don’t Tell Marlow’ it’s hard not to engrossed in it. The way this band use dynamics is something to admire. While similar bands under the ‘post rock’ umbrella tend to have lengthy songs with long and winding quiet sections met with a blast off guitar, Young Liar tend to use less of the quiet and more of the loud. They manage to add an additional depth to their music so it doesn’t sound like all out noise but instead beautifully crafted music. There’s a real talent in the way their songs are constructed.

I could sit here for hours explining every little sound I’m hearing and the way in which they are celverly interwined. Instead I’m going to listen to the EP a few more times because it’s brilliant. I stongly urge you to check out their first EP on Cottage Industries, listen to it repeatedly and then wait for the second to be released.

It’s due out on 26th March on The Calcio Print. It’s going to be released as a download and Limited CD. I’m hoping that they release something on vinyl soon though, I think it would suit them perfectly.

Two days earlier it’s being given a launch party at Hanger 51 in Newcastle. These two dates should be put in your diary/written on your calendar/saved in your phone/etched into your mind as they are both going to be something to look forward to.


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